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Shortly after Canada’s Confederation in 1867, provinces began to pass Pharmacy Acts to grant self-regulation to druggists, as members of the profession were known at the time. Through the years druggists achieved the same trusted professional status that doctors and lawyers had in their communities.

In the 1890s local independent drug stores began facing competition from department stores selling pharmaceuticals. In the 1930s the competition came primarily from chain-owned drug businesses. Independent pharmacy owners decided to join forces and work co-operatively to ensure they could continue to provide reliable, professional services to their customers.

Advances in technology greatly improved pharmacy services, but proved costly for the independent pharmacist operating his or her own business. By joining a co-operative network, independent pharmacists could better afford the state-of-the-art technologies that helped them improve service to their customers.

The Independent Druggists’ Association, or I.D.A., was formed in 1933 had 150 members within the year. Among the many benefits the new brand gave to its member pharmacists was the ability to offer quality private label products to their customers at lower prices than those of name brand products.

In the late 1800s and 1900s, pharmacies such as Cockburn Bros. displayed the sales and specials of the day in their windows, but the most prominent window feature was the central globe filled with coloured liquid. Visit the Apothecary Museum at Niagara-on-the-Lake, Ontario to learn more about this practice and view the display.

From the beginning, your local independent pharmacist has proudly offered a wide variety of brand name health and beauty products in addition to quality pharmaceutical supplies, with trained staff members always ready to answer your questions about the products you use or new products on the market.

For many years apothecary jars of basic pharmaceutical and herbal ingredients were familiar elements of pharmacy décor. Pharmacy practice required the pharmacist to spend a great deal of time making-or compounding-prescription medicines, over-counter ointments and other preparations including cosmetic creams.

Cosmetic preparations for enhancing beauty have been popular for centuries. Your community independent pharmacy has always been a source for popular brand name cosmetics, beauty aids, and skin care, many offering a wide range of products from foot care creams to fragrances.

Curious George TM was created in 1941 by Margaret and Hans Rey. For more than 60 years children have improved their reading skills as they follow the adventures of this inquisitive little monkey and hid his friends. During that time Curious George TM has also entertained children and adults alike.

As Canada celebrated its Centennial in 1967, independent pharmacists joined the patriotic of the day right down to special celebration sales. The Centennial a-GO-GO sale featured amazing low prices on everyday name brand products, often incorporating a 67¢ theme.

The new Independent Druggists’ Association, or I.D.A., celebrated its grand opening sale in 1933 I.D.A. member Maltby Pharmacy on St. Clair Avenue West in Toronto advertised the sale its front windows, including Pond’s Cream at 34¢ Buckley’s Mixture Cough Syrup at 75¢, terrific deals in thief day.

Pharmacists have traditionally ranked among the professionals most trusted by Canadian consumers. Pharmacists have always undergone intensive professional training throughout their careers to update their skills and find ways to increase the amount of time and assistance they offer to their patients.

Compounding, the practice of preparing medications, dates back centuries, and had has included ingredients that are used rarely or not at all. Changes in health care and the Industrial Revolution both had a profound effect on the role of the pharmacist, as did medical advances. With the advent of manufacturing during the 1959s and 1960s, the need for compounding decreased, significantly altering the role of the pharmacist.


Pharmacists remain trusted members of their communities, and their role has evolved beyond the preparation and dispensing of medicines to include counseling on potential drug interactions, appropriate use of medications, and overall healthy lifestyle choices.

As a result of this co-operative spirit, many independent pharmacies across Canada have celebrated their 50th, 75th and even 100tn anniversaries, and many more look forward to dong the same in the company of the local families whom they have served for generations.The PharmAssistTM network provides independent pharmacists with access to the latest in technology that frees up time for your pharmacist, who now has even more time to spend with you. PharmAssistTM technology also includes an interactive Web site. You can check out the public version of the site at

I.D.A. products are now produced under the CertifiedTM brand, and still deliver competitive prices on quality products for all of your family’s health and beauty needs. The PharmAssistTM I.D.A. network continues to expand the number of products available under the CertifiedTM brand – 100% quality guaranteed.

Cockburn Bros. I.D.A. is known as Cockburn’s Corner Drug Store, as it stands today in St. Andrews, NB. This newer version is designed to reflect the pharmacy’s long history in town. Your own local I.D.A. pharmacy is a member of the PharmAssistTM network, celebrating 100 years of independent pharmacy in Canada.

Fs consumers become increasingly concerned about health, product selection at your increasingly concerned about health, product selection at your local independent pharmacy has expanded to include vitamins and nutritional supplements to further assist you in leading a healthy lifestyle. Ask your PharmAssistTM pharmacist about the ways in which these products may improve your health and wellness.

The number and types of medications now available have increased dramatically, and most are mass-produced by companies around the world. Your PharmAssistTM pharmacist can access information and training on new medications and therapies through PharmAssistTM technology, leaving more time for you and your pharmacist to discuss your family’s health care needs.

Mass production and new research have led to the development of thousands of cosmetic preparations. Through the PharmAssistTM network, your independent pharmacy has access to everyday low pricing on the latest products and trends in cosmetics as well as the reliable quality brands your family has used for generations.

Your PharmAssistTM pharmacist has access to a wide variety of Curious George items through an exclusive agreement with Universal Studios. These include the Curious GeorgeTM children’s Health Centre with brochures about chidren’s health issues, Curious GeorgeTM children’s products and the Curious GeorgeTM mascot for community events.

Your PharmAssistTM pharmacy continues the tradition of special low pricing through promotions such as the $ 10-million Win-Win Event in 2002, which celebrated 100 years of independent pharmacy with lower everyday prices, special bonus items and a scratch-and-win contest where every customer who scratched a card was a winner.

Crand openings are still a big tradition at PharmAssistTM I.D.A. pharmacies, and the whole community is invited to the celebration. Grand opening sales feature terrific prices on special items and low everyday prices throughout the store even after the ribbons and balloons have come down.

Today’s consumers have access to a wider variety of medicines than ever before, and the number of people who will require medication and mobility assistance products continues to grow as the population ages. Your PharmAssistTM pharmacist offers professional, experienced personal counseling and products for all of your family’s health care needs.

Medical treatments have changed a great deal over the years as the practice evolves alongside new medical research, and the important role your pharmacist plays in your health care also continues to evolve. Your independent pharmacist stays in touch with your doctor to discuss possible drug interactions, and to monitor and help you maintain your good health. Ask your PharmAssistTM pharmacies about a medication review today.
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